Free Online Nascar Game - NASRAC.COM

Daddy’s up to it again. He is now building a free online NASCAR game and he spends no time with me on my spelling words. He let me play a couple races on the game and it is pretty cool. He say this is different from fantasy nascar because you can play all the time. We watch NASCAR on Tivo all the time. Montoya is our favorite driver and he drivers the number 42 Big Red Car. Go check out his site at NASRAC.COM

Spelling Words: Oct 16 - Oct 20

  1. when
  2. them
  3. tell
  4. get
  5. let
  6. men
  7. getting
  8. let
  9. presents
  10. unless
  11. wet
  12. dress
  13. engine
  14. spend
  15. lettuce

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